My Simple Autumn Wardrobe

Some of the most successful people in the world have the most simple wardrobes. Steve Jobs wore a black shirt and jeans, Mark Zuckerburg wears gray, even President Obama and Einstein committed to wearing the same colored suit every day. Einstein gave the reason that he “didn’t want to use brain power on deciding what to wear.” I mean, how much time and energy do we spend buying clothes and then deciding what to wear? A lot! I started reading up on a “capsule wardrobe”, which is roughly 30 items that you use for 3 months (one season) and I knew I had to give it a try!

**Yes I know its winter now but I live in Texas and I was still in shorts until late November so it was hard to try these all out!**

Now my wardrobe my entire life has always been pretty simple, mostly just jeans and tshirts (the benefit of not having an office job) but lately I have found myself wanting something else. In 2014 I turned 30 and became a mom, I felt like I wanted my wardrobe to reflect my life a little better. And since I’ve entered into a more minimalistic lifestyle, I wanted to keep it simple. I wanted things that matched instead of randomly shopping, as I have done in the past. I spent a lot of time on Pinterest pinning ideas so I would have a game plan before shopping

Here were my criteria…
1. I knew I wanted to incorporate as many of my current pieces as possible.
2. I wanted a natural/hippie/Boho look – natural colors and fabrics.
3. I wanted to buy second hand when possible to save on money AND to help recycle/reuse.
4. I wanted something feminine – leggings with flowy tops and skirts were top on the list.
5. I wanted to keep it simple and minimal while still being able to could mix and match.
6. All items HAD to spark joy – thank you Marie Kondo!

So off to TJ Maxx and my favorite thrift stores I went! It took 3 stops but I managed to get everything I wanted. All in all I spent around $50 on new items for my fall wardrobe. Many of these pieces will transfer to other seasons so for Winter I probably wont need much (except I plan to buy quite a few $4 knitted sweaters from Salvation Army!)

I’ve been busy mixing and matching the different outfits for the last 2 months and I,m incredibly impressed with how many options I have with so few pieces! And best of all, my closet makes me super happy! Every piece brings a smile to my face and I’ve REALLY enjoyed getting out of the house feeling put together and not just tossing on jeans and a t-shirt AGAIN.

Below you will find collages of my outfits for 14 days. There are still plenty of mix and match options and I LOVE that the look changes so much. No offense to Steve Jobs, but I really didn’t want to look the exact same every day. I feel like I found a good blend of simple and versatile! I’ve learned a lot with this and have a better game plan for my winter wardrobe and I can’t wait to share it!

(If you click on any of the pictures, it will pull a larger picture up in a new window)

What do you think? Have you considered a “capsule” wardrobe?

P.S. Check out my AWESOME boots I found at Bass Pro Shop (in Days 13 and 14 pictures). They are definitely making their way into the Winter Wardrobe. The shoes in all the other pictures are modified Minnetonka Moccasins. My necklaces are some that I received in my FABULOUS Fair Trade Friday monthly boxes.

My Simple Autumn Wardrobe My Simple Autumn Wardrobe My Simple Autumn Wardrobe My Simple Autumn Wardrobe

My Simple Autumn WardrobeMy Simple Autumn Wardrobe My Simple Autumn Wardrobe My Simple Autumn Wardrobe My Simple Autumn Wardrobe My Simple Autumn Wardrobe My Simple Autumn Wardrobe My Simple Autumn Wardrobe

My Simple Autumn Wardrobe My Simple Autumn Wardrobe

My Simple Autumn(Fall) Wardrobe
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