Last Christmas my husband (at my suggestion) bought me knitting supplies and I have had a BLAST this year learning how to knit! So far Ive made a beanie (You can see my daughter wearing it in the above pic. I made it for myself but its a tad too small), a headband and a lovey type blanket for my daughter to sleep with.

Then last month, I started on the wool longies (cloth diaper cover) pattern from Evie Pants. I had purchased a pair of secondhand shorts made with her pattern and fell in love so I knew I wanted some in longer pants for winter!

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I was on the hunt for the perfect self striping blue – I wanted the end result to be a denim look and after weeks of searching online I finally came across this gorgeous blue from Brown Sheep. Its the Lanaloft worsted weight and it is LOVELY! And marshmellowy too. Im becoming a bit of a fiber snob and this is some of the nicest wool Ive felt so far!

Then I invested in a good set of interchangeable circular needles, because I needed 2 sized needles and 2 sizes of cable. Plus I knew by this point that I would be knitting a lot more and if I bought an interchangeable set, I would never have to buy needles again. I went with Knit Picks Options Interchangeable Nickel Plated Circular Knitting Needle Set as its a very basic set, lower cost and still a quality product. I am definitely enjoying it!

After checking my gauge, it was determined that I needed to size up a size on needles – the pattern calls for size 6 and size 8 but I’m a pretty tight knitter so I went with size 7 and size 9. The result was perfect!

As it turns out, I needed 15″ cable and the smallest my kit had was 24″ – sad day! Unfortunately Knit Picks doesnt carry a cable for their interchangeable set that will go to 15″, they make you buy a separate pair of non-interchangeable needles. But after some digging, I discovered that Knitter’s Pride made a smaller 8″ cable to bring regular 4.5″ needles down to about 17″ so I purchased them. They were perfect!

Then on the legs, I really needed 12″ circulars (good luck finding those!!) so I went searching again and found that Knit Picks offers a “short” needle. I ordered them and they fit on my 8″ cable just fine, bringing them right down to 12″ like I needed! Unfortunately, they only have these in the Caspian Birch needles but they feel LOVELY in your fingers and are wonderful when working on small projects. Alternatively you can use “magic loop” with a 32″ Circular and Regular needles. But I’m not a magic loop expert yet so I spent the money on one pair of size 9 short tips. (Note: If I knew then what I know, I would spend the extra $6 or so and buy my entire Circular Interchangeable set in Caspian, they feel THAT nice!)

The only other supplies I needed were a set of size 9 DPNs (double pointed needles), (I purchased 10″ DPNs so that I can use them for other projects) a few stitch markers, an embroidery needle and some 1″ elastic for the waist (or you can skip the elastic and make it ribbed instead.) I recommend this accessory kit for your stitch markers, embroidery needle and other items.

The project is simple enough, although challenging for a novice knitter like myself. I had to learn some new stitches and some new tricks but I never had trouble! The pattern is laid out well and the instructions are very thorough. All I needed was a few YouTube videos – and she provides links to helpful sites.

It took right at a month to finish, just in time for cooler weather here in Texas and my daughter loves them! And I still cant believe I made them!! Im so impressed and I would recommend this pattern to anyone!

Now Im off to start on a beanie for my (voluntarily) bald husband 😉

My First Pair Of Knitted Wool Longies
Kim is a wife and a mama of a 2 yr old little girl. Her passion is living a purposefully simple lifestyle. She focuses on peaceful parenting, mininalism, living eco-friendly and more!
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