Giraffe First Birthday Party

My daughter turns 2 in two days and I am feverishly putting together the final touches for her pony party and then I realized that I never posted about her 1st birthday! Oops. So here it is, my daughter’s Giraffe First Birthday Party!

Just a note, what you won’t see here is a huge party with tons of favors and decorations. Since our family focuses more on experiences rather than “stuff”, we limit how many little *extra* things we have. Especially the ones that just get tossed in the end! What you will see is an adorable celebration of my daughter’s first year on this earth filled with tons of memories.

So why Giraffes? Well, because one of the first stuffed toys she was given was a giraffe and she really took to it so it just kind of stuck. People gave us more giraffe toys, stuffed animals and even a little blanket and it just became her theme that first year. So it was a no-brainer for her birthday!

Giraffe First Birthday Party


Luckily for us, decorations were easy! We just used alllll of the giraffes she had accumulated! I honestly have no idea how we accumulated so many, and a lot of these are no longer with us but they were fun while they lasted. That little one right there in the front has been a huge hit. You push its belly and it sings the ABC’s. She’s finally outgrowing it now but she has given it a lot of love! For her birthday outfit, I found this adorable giraffe print skirt on Ebay, custom ordered a shirt with her name, the #1 and a giraffe from a Things Very Special, custom ordered her shoes from Stitches and Spice and finished it off with a white clip in bow and white leggings.

Giraffe First Birthday Party

For treats, we went with cookies because they are so cute and so much easier to eat. And due to my daughter’s sensitivity to dairy, we did dairy free cookies for her birthday that a wonderful friend and professional baker made and they were gorgeous! And delicious!
Giraffe First Birthday PartyI knew I didn’t want a traditional smash cake, that’s a lot of sugar for one so small (she only had a portion of a cookie) and it makes a HUGE mess. So I found an alternative. A small watermelon, cut in half, hollowed out and filled with sliced melon and berries and topped with a homemade dairy free whipped cream. YUMMMM! Oh and, of course, adorned with one little pink candle. (We had some trouble keeping the giraffe from digging in!)

Giraffe First Birthday Party  Giraffe First Birthday Party

The watermelon cake was a hit, trust me! That whipped cream was perfect for tiny fingers to dig into and she loved the fruit underneath! She even dipped her cookie into it! And it all made a sufficient mess, in case you can’t tell from the before and after pictures, ha! And of course, we changed her out of her adorable little outfit into something a little better for the mess – her giraffe print cloth diaper and a giraffe bib.

The best part about doing a giraffe theme is that I could give her (and the whole family) a family membership to the nearby zoo as her birthday experience! I think she was probably a bit too young to fully appreciate the zoo but she definitely enjoyed the fresh air, time spent with family and seeing all the animals. Her favorite animals were the chimpanzees, meerkats, birds and, of course, the giraffes! And over the year, we have gone several times and she’s loved it more and more each time.

Giraffe First Birthday Party Giraffe First Birthday Party

Funny story, we lost the other one of her little giraffe shoes and I was SO UPSET but we decided to make the best of it and just wear mix matched shoes! We did find it, like a month later, it was buried in the van somewhere, go figure!

All in all, I couldn’t be happier about our little celebration. It was a nice, quiet family day for her actual birthday and everything turned out so well. Plus we enjoyed visiting the zoo all year!

I’ll be posting about her 2nd birthday soon! (I won’t take a year this time, promise!) so be sure to check back in, or make it easy and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or sign up for my mailing list!

Giraffe First Birthday Party - When Caterpillars Fly


Giraffe First Birthday Party!
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