When Caterpillars Fly

Hello! My name is Kim and I am the voice behind When Caterpillars Fly! I am a 30 year old stay-at-home-mom of a precious 2 year old little girl and, of course, blogger! I am also married to a wonderful man and have two step kids that are with us a few weekends a month. In addition to blogging and mommying, I also like to work in my garden, cook for my family, spend as much time as I can outdoors, and tuck in some reading when I can.

I’m super passionate about living a simple and nature based life. I believe that the more in touch we are to nature, the better individuals we will be. We eat mostly organic, spend at least an  hour a day outside, purchase natural based products (wood, cotton, wool, etc) limit media when we can and try to make our food from scratch. In addition, I try to be a mindful consumer and purchase only items that we truly need, as well as choosing (when possible) quality items that will last.

I believe in peaceful parenting which is essentially just respecting my child in a way that I would wish to be respected. And I’m incredibly drawn to Waldorf education, even though I don’t fully subscribe to all of its beliefs. I love how it focuses on the wholeness of the child and not pushing education too early. And of course, I love how it focuses on nature and experiences. Even though we don’t follow it religiously, I feel we adhere to the core principals of Waldorf philosophy.

Speaking of religion, I am a born-again Christian and I have a deep love for Jesus, however, I will never shove my beliefs down anyone’s throat. Whether its here in my blog or on my personal Facebook, I respect all belief systems and strive to show that respect. Of course, Christianity will be peppered in my posts, but my goal is to be an example of Jesus in my actions and attitude not just dropping His name in every sentence. Know what I mean?

And finally, my family eats gluten and dairy free so all (or at least most) of my recipes and food related will be gluten and dairy free. I also strive to make them soy free and, in many cases, I will offer egg substitutions. I know how tough it is to have food allergies!

You may be asking, why When Caterpillars Fly? Because obviously this blog isn’t about bugs. And the simplest answer is because caterpillars, and ultimately butterflies, are such a perfect reminder that life is ever changing and that change isn’t necessarily bad. I am pretty much a completely different person than I was 5 years ago. I feel like When Caterpillars Fly is a great summary of all the different topics that are covered here, while having a fun, whimsical feel to it. Don’t you agree?

Anyway, thanks for dropping by! I’m really glad you are here and I hope you hang around for awhile!

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